ANA Professional Issues Panel on Workplace Violence and Incivility is requesting public comment

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Dear Constituent/State Nurses Associations:

The American Nurses Association’s Workplace Violence and Incivility Professional Issues Panel is requesting public comment on the Draft Position Statement:  Incivility, Bullying, and Workplace Violence.

It is anticipated that this statement will assist registered nurses and employers with understanding, defining, and mitigating/eliminating incivility, bullying and violence in the workplace.  Nurses, students, and other stakeholders are invited to review and comment on this document.

ANA would encourage you to read the document in its entirety before posting your comments. This will help with understanding the flow and how the content is arranged. You can then submit your specific comments related to each section, as well as general comments at the end.  When submitting comments, please reference the appropriate line number.

The comment period is open until 5 pm ET on April 30, 2015

ANA looks forward to hearing from you and your members.